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Fighting for Oregon!

"I represent the working men and women of Oregon who don't have time for corrupt politicians. We're tired of Oregon not having a voice so the people are here to take our state back from the ground up. We want honesty, we want access and we wanted it yesterday." - Joey Nations, Patriot & America First Populist


Joey's Background

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Charlotte and I have lived in Salem for the past eight wonderful years. We moved to Oregon for a career change and fell in love with the people and nature of this great state. Our daughter and son were born in Salem and we love to spend our spare time outdoors. I was born and raised in the agricultural town of Bakersfield, CA. I graduated high school and attended the University of Utah. There, I received an internship at the Utah State Senate. Afterward, I gained a position at a Utah-based, DC-connected lobbying firm. My time there opened my eyes to the corruption in politics. In a few years – I was exposed to the highest levels of corrupt processes used for keeping power.


I witnessed things so morally bankrupt that it turned me away from that career and I sought a position where I could help fix government waste and corruption. I left the lobbying firm and we moved our family out west to Salem. We found our true home.


I plan to bring honest change to Oregon and Washington, D.C. Join me!


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Fighting for Oregon!